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For over a decade now, we are developing our versatile assortment of wild bird feed, distributing to 20+ countries worldwide. Throughout the years we have specialised in the production under customer brand, as well as under our own – ZipZip. Via intelligent expertise and business acumen, we locate our client’s needs and therefore, offer the right marketing support and solutions.



Product of the month

Gingerbread Heart

The passion of applying themes loved by people around Europe to wild bird feed, lead us to the popular German Gingerbread Heart (Lebkuchenherz). Everyone who has witnessed the overwhelming atmosphere of Oktoberfest at least once, immediately recognises it. The idea of this product was born in 2013, but it was not until 2017 that we managed to achieve the appearance and quality we imagined. Now, thanks to our exclusive technology, it is possible to bring the elevated festive mood to our gardens and share it with our feathered friends. A quick peek behind the production of the gingerbread heart shows a process which involves 100% manual labour and a strict sequence of operations. All these result in a product, which amazes with its high level of detail and colourful variety.

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