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Birds / Spotted Flycatcher (Muscicapa striata)

Spotted Flycatcher


The Spotted Flycatcher is the commonest flycatcher in Europe where it is widespread being found almost everywhere during the summer. It is also found in western Asia down to the western Himalayas. It is only absent from areas lacking in trees and bushes and within dense forest. It requires clearings and open areas with suitable perches from which it sallies forth to catch flying insects. The Spotted Flycatcher is a long-distance migrant and spends the summer in sub-Saharan Africa. They arrive in Europe from mid-April and are amongst the latest migrants to arrive. They start their journey south in August with birds from Britain, Ireland and western Europe passing through France and Spain while those from Scandinavia and central Europe head south through Italy and Greece.

Suitable Foods:

Striped Sunflower Seeds, Fat Balls



IFS Food Certificate