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Birds / Winter Wren (Troglodytes troglodytes)

Winter Wren


The Winter Wren is found throughout most of Europe and North America where it inhabits a variety of habitats which provide it with low cover on which it can forage for the insects on which it feeds. It is usually seen foraging within a couple of metres of the ground. It is the only wren found in Europe but like the rest of the wren family, which is found in the Americas, it is a loud and melodious singer and is usually heard well before it is seen. Its characteristic call is a single or double note sounding like large pebbles being knocked together. It is one of the smallest European birds at about 9 cm but it appears even smaller by its habit of sticking its very short tail up in the air. It has a fairly long, thin bill, a buffy supercilium and dark bars on its wings and flanks. It scientific name means "cave dweller" and this derives from its habit of building its nest in a crevice or hole in walls, trees or steep banks.

Suitable Foods:

Fat Balls, Striped Sunflower Seeds



IFS Food Certificate