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Birds / Chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs)



The tragedy of the Chaffinch is that it is so common. Were it a rarity, we would probably get ecstatic about the male's pink face and underparts contrasting with its grey crown and brown back. It also has a conspicuous white patch on its shoulder, a white wing-bar and white round the edges of its tail feathers. The males are particularly brightly coloured in the spring by which time the brownish feather fringes on their fresh autumn plumage have worn off. The females and juveniles are much duller greyish-brown but still show the white wing and tail markings. During the winter, Chaffinches can form large flocks all of one sex. This is the origin of the species scientific name coelebs from the Latin word for bachelor.

Suitable Foods:

Striped Sunflower Seeds, Fat Balls



IFS Food Certificate