Sometimes you walk through a beaten path. Sometimes you need to beat а path yourself. We decided to pave the way for innovation in the wild bird food industry, not by talks, but by deeds. Our ingenious solutions aspire our clients to dare more and engage in bolder opportunities. We take part in this journey of excellence with experience and knowledge that support them all the way to meeting requirements and exceeding expectations. All combined turns our company into a trendsetter, daring to explore new limits every day. It’s a game-changer approach, which is yet having a true empathy for business objectives.

Our company premises of 60.000 m2 accommodates administration, warehouses and all production facilities. We sit in Pavlikeni, a small town in the agricultural heart of Bulgaria, where we have forged strong partnerships with local farmers in the last two decades. We are equipped with the latest generation machinery and combine intelligent planning and massive production capacities. Similar to many evolved manufacturers, we support the idea of lean production and have implemented its core principles in our output. The results are minimal downtime, higher effectiveness, healthy product quality and cost effective processing. This way we can continue to expand our product diversity even more and provide competitive advantage for our business partners.
Social compliance
Our company program aims to improve our social impact within the area and our local community. Our people-centric sustainable policy creates a surge of possibilities for our employees in learning, improving and contributing to the common success, backed by modern production base and equipment, friendly working environment and thoughtful social benefits program. We strongly encourage our employees, vendors and partners to respect the practices and exceed the requirements of our Code of Conduct, as it the foundation of building strong business relationships with our company. We undergo social audits since 2015 and manage to pass the strict prescriptions of the amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative with flying colours.
A decade ago, we understood that in today’s dynamic world and massive diversity of products, it becomes quite challenging to closely monitor the implemented regulations of all vendors and partners. This is where we found the need to deliver internal information about our company and provide transparency, which our customers can rely on. We got acquainted to the International Featured Standard Food, which we sustain since 2009. It is a tool of supervising manufacturers, that go beyond legislation and targets a complete compliance to the customer’s specifications. It helps all members of the supply chain to increase the scope of their potential partnerships, as IFS has already become a trademark for quality and healthy production practices.

The wild bird population is an important part of the global eco-system, so our products have direct impact on the preservation of the environment. Our contribution goes further with CO2-low lighting, waste management, nature-friendly production, products and packaging, (almost) paper-free administration, organized transportation for workers and the usage of bicycles within premises.

We cover the entire supply chain process - all the way from the raw materials to the end consumer. We take into consideration not only the composition, the packaging and the delivery performance, but also the POS presentation, the influence on the consumer and the education of using the product in the right way. We support the social progress by buying not the cheapest, but the fairest. These are our ways of supporting the environmental and economic aspect of the sustainable development.