We offer a complete range of high quality bird foods that would satisfy the needs of all customers, as well as providing unique feeding solutions. Please check our product lines below.

Private label

Our ultimate goal is to provide flexibility for our customers and offer innovating ideas. We understand how important continuity and keeping to a reliable and resourceful brand is, that’s why we offer our products to be distributed under private label brands. Our in-house design team can offer their wide-ranging expertise in customising the packaging to suit all requirements.


Even though we are specialised in the production under customer brand, we expand our proposal with our own brand - ZipZip. Since 2012 we produce under the slogan “Ein Herz für Vögel” (“a heart for birds”) and cover specific distribution channels – DIY, garden, pet shop, super market and discounter. We beat the dust out of the typical wild bird food brand look and offer you a modern vision of how a good product deserves to be dressed up.

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The commercial activities preceding the buying or selling of a product or service are known and studied long before the word ‘marketing’ existed.

In order to increase the worth of the product, we exert our flair of creativity upon all the different marketing tools – design, pre-delivery, handling, pre-sale advertising, POS. Our goal is to give more value to everyone along the supply chain – from our supplier, through our customer and their customer to the bird in the wild. We are continuously looking for innovative ways to present the products, so that they can attract purchase impulse in the consumer and provide competitive advantage to our client. 

Our team of professionals would be glad to share their expertise regarding multiple solutions for pushing sales and creating a strong network of loyal customers.